Apart- und Wellnesshotel Charlotte★★★S

A house with that certain something – cosy family atmosphere, picturesque gardens, a home for llamas and alpacas, a place for moments of deep reflection – the “Charlotte”, as the hotel is called by its owners, the Marthe/ Köstinger family.


Since 1989, a herd of curious llamas and alpacas has been as much a part of the family and hotel as the numerous guests. They have the opportunity to accompany the adorable animals on a tour through the forests and fields of the high plateau and fall completely in love with these big, googly eyes.

In addition to the animal relaxation program, the “Charlotte” welcomes you with an inspiring wellness offer in a wonderfully peaceful location. Put aside the melancholy of everyday life, treat yourself with sweet idleness and marvel at this fascinating panorama, lost in thought.

“Nature shows the greatest wonders in the smallest things.” – Carl von Linne

Half board
Parking area
E charging station
Quiet location
Guided Lama walks
Founding member golf course
Guided walking tours